Fame forced ex-criminal to return to his old trade

Richard Cano, 35 years old ex-criminal, was arrested for burglary in Bolehill, Matlock.
He was arrested after DNA left on the scene matched his own DNA. Cano became famous as a criminal after he appeared on East Midlands Today where he received a help to build his life anew. Defense barrister, who represents Cano, stated that the fame he gained from that show along with previous convictions made it difficult to Cano to find work, so he resorted to the crime.

His previous crimes were motive by drug addiction which brought him to TV as a subject of rehabilitation. Cano pleaded guilty on the charge of burglary at Bolehill, and he was given a pre-sentence report in order to consider his background after which he was jailed for two years and six months of custody.

Police revealed details of the burglary which was discovered by the owners who found the house in really bad shape, phone and dining room window have been smashed and laptop, TV and several watches have been stolen.

Police investigators found blood traces on his response the scene after which they found enough evidence to charge and sentence Cano. Final nail in the Cano’s coffin was blood found on the scene of the crime; DNA from that blood matched Cano’s DNA after which arrest ensued.

San Diego Criminal defense lawyer discussed the circumstances that have led Cano to the path of this crime. He said that Cano got big support after the show, and he gained a chance to start from zero. Finding work for Cano was hard, because just by Goggling his name you could read about his convictions. After building his home with the help of MO he found that he can’t cover all of his outgoings with little work he can find.

That led him right to the path of crime, because it was the only way he could cover his expenses.

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Crackdown of unfair and biased rape investigation in Montana

America’s struggles with confrontation of sexual assault cases on college campuses are pierced with maybe the most iconic of cases. His life turned upside down after he was accused for a rape. Before that he was a successful quarterback who led his team to national title and it was expected for him to finish in an NFL team.

March 19, 2012, was a dire day for Jordan Johnson because a Missoula television station reported a case of rape on a campus that involved Johnson and a girl who he raped several weeks earlier. This was followed by immediate expulsion from college and criminal charges for rape. A full year after the expulsion he was brought before the jury.

This College town was divided by accusation which quickly spread around and several other UM football players were accused for rape as well. The town was labeled as the rape capital of the country.

But everything changed once Johnson was acquitted in 2013. As it turned around the sexual act for consented by both parties and it wasn’t a case of sexual assault, but simply consensual sex. Johnson immediately sued the University. After a lengthy trial and quick jury decision (it took them only two hours) that stated that the University broke several basic human rights and many other things. Johnson was given 245 000 dollars for the unlawful expulsion.  find out more here might help you if you face such situation.

This was a case that stirred many people, and it was just a beginning of the changes that regarded sexual assault on campuses. There have been many victims that brought the charges against their colleges and in most cases they won them. Even a college like Columbia had several cases on their back.

But this only shows that in some cases the offender is actually the victim and that gender discrimination on college is on very high level and sever other things. For more information feel free to visit estate planning law.

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Rice-pledging trial of former prime minister begins

Last Wednesday was market by second examination of witnesses of prosecution in rice-pledging case led against Yingluck Shinawatra, former prime minister. She was supported by many supporters of Phey Thai Party.

Charges that were brought against Ms. Yingluck are the negligence of duty and violation of Anti-Corruption Act by failing to stop corruption regarding the implementation of rice pledging programme which caused large damages to the state. Ms. Yingluck may be charged for several other crimes as it was she that was one of the parties that profited from the corruption.
Ms. Yinglack stated that the case entered court and it is up to the lawyers to prove her innocence. She also commented about the fact that she sent seven letters to the office of Prime Minister, in which she demanded justice in her case. No reply was given to any of those letters.

There have been some rumors that Ms. Yingluck is hiring foreign lawyer, but she denied them all by stating that her Thai lawyers are competent enough for the job. more tips here, who closely follows this case, agreed to share the information he found.

He said that this rice-pledging programme was a serious project that was supposed to enrich the country, and stealing from that caused severe damage to the country. The damages were worth 500 billion Thai baht which translates in around 4.5 billion dollars. For a country like Thailand this is a serious loss, which is the main reason government will force the issue demanding that Ms. Yingluck be held responsible on all charges that will be brought. To clear it out, she isn’t only responsible for looking to the other side, but for making additional profit by gaining a share of the money.

This attorney also says that there is no chance of MS. Yingluck walking free from this. Country suffered, and with country people who would have gained the money from the programme and there must be someone guilty. Ms. Yingluck may not be the only one we will see in the court for this case. Once it starts, government will hunt other parties that profited from the corruption. Get well informed here at  full article.

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